Therapy with Teenagers

Therapy with Teenagers


It is not the person, that is the problem, but the problem that is the problem. Spirit and Mind ApS works using the narrative approach to therapy, that is based on stories. Read more about the narrative method here.


There is a lot of things to relate oneself to as a teenager, e.g. friends, to be included or outside, spare time and interests, to have a relationship or getting over a break-up, change of school and choosing an education as well as maybe conflicts at home with the parents and/or the siblings. At the same time it is now, that we start to compare ourselves to others and find out how we want to be.

Themes for Therapy with Teenagers:


  • Gifted teenagers
  • Highly sensitive teenagers
  • Socialisation and building friendships
  • Identity
  • Bullying e.g. on social media
  • To be excluded or to be different
  • To be afraid, anxious and alone
  • Depression, negative thoughts, sadness and emptiness
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Tired of the school
  • Choice of education
  • Lack of thriving
  • Low self esteem
  • Concentration and attention difficulties
  • Eating disorders and self harm e.g. cutting
  • To move away from home
  • Getting over a break-up
  • Abuse and assault
  • Crime, vandalism and violence
  • Conflicts with parents and/or siblings
  • When a parent has problems (alcohol, psychological illness or other illness)
  • Parents divorcing
  • Loss and grief in the family
  • Bringing together different families and step parents

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In Spirit and Mind ApS sessions over Skype take place on week day evenings and sessions on Frederiksberg on Sundays.

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