The Narrative Method

The narrative method


Spirit and Mind ApS works using the narrative method in therapy and coaching. The conversations are confidential and covered by the obligation of professional secrecy. Get an overview of the treatment options in Spirit and Mind ApS here.

Narrativ Therapy:

Focuses on your stories (narratives) about yourself and your relations. 


Narrativ Therapy uses exsternalisation as a tool for looking at the dominating stories about your life (e.g. habits) and which alternative stories, there are.


Exsternalisation was described by Michael White (the founder of the Narrative Therapy) as: "It is not the person, that is the problem, it is the problem that is the problem". 

Narrative Coaching:

The theoretical foundation in the Narrative Coaching is based on the assumption, that we create meaning in events by structuring our experiences in narratives (stories).


The dominant stories forms and limits our perspectives and possibilities of actions.


A central focus for Narrative Coaching is to contribute to visualising the stories, that we operate in and to recreate the problem stories to more preferred stories, that give increased possibilities to act.

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On the blog topics from the Psychotherapy, the Narrative Coaching and Gifted Children are elaborated and debated.


On the blog, under references, you can also read interviews, that a number of people have filled in about their experience of having conversations and what they get out of it. The stories of the persons are written in an anonymized form and the words are the peoples own. The interviews are done on different times during the course of sessions, whereby the development in the course of sessions can be described. See an overview of the references here.

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