Bussiness Coaching

Business Coaching

Spirit and Mind ApS offers Business and Executive Coaching to employees and managers. The conversations are confidential and covered by the obligation of professional secrecy. The method is narrative and focuses on your current situation (here and now). Read more about the narrative metod here.

The method is narrative coaching, which is based on, that each person is unique. The coaching is therefore customized to you, to ensure, that it is your values, background and intentions that we use as basis.

The narrative approach is based on the stories, that we tell about our professional identity. Read about a good psychological working environment here.

Business Coaching provides you with a unique room to risk free try out new ideas. Personal development, career, ambitions or challenges, lacking motivation and job satisfaction can also be put into words, without you having to take a specific role or live up to any expectations.

Themes for Business Coaching:

  • Job satisfaction and engagement
  • Carrier choice and clarification about job change
  • Work load pressure and stress prevention
  • Burn out
  • Communication thematics
  • Illness and work life
  • Bullying and sexual harrassment
  • Conflict management 
  • To start in a new business
  • To become self employed
  • Development of competencies
  • Efficiency and setting goal
  • Motivation and ambitions
  • Personal development and sparring
  • Cooperation with different work groups

  • One of the following questions can also be used as starting point:
  • Do I compromize my values at my work?
  • Do I stay, change job or become self employed?
  • Personal impact: How do I ensure that my message is heard? 
  • Do I prioritize correctly with regards to my career options? 
  • How do I avoid stress and achieve a sensible worklife balance? 
  • Do I have the job tasks that fit me, and are they interesting and challeging? 
  • How do I avoid conflict with collegues?
  • How do I get more job satisfaction? 

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In Spirit and Mind ApS sessions over Skype take place on week day evenings and sessions on Frederiksberg on Sundays.

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Spirit and Mind ApS wishes that therapy and coaching is an option for all and gives discount to students, unemployed and retired people

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