Inge G. F. Larsen

Narrative Conversation Therapist, Scandinavian Business Coach

Owner and Founder of Spirit and Mind ApS


I am born in 1974. I am a Narrative Conversation Therapist and a Scandinavian Business Coach from DISPUK, Snekkersten, Denmark and have also a basis education in Gestalt Therapy from Psykoterapeutisk Institut, Copenhagen, Denmark. I have practiced on Frederiksberg and over Skype since I started Spirit and Mind ApS in 2009.


Additionally I am a Working Environmental Advisor and have a Master of Science in Engineerng. I have worked with project management and organisations for 15 år including also psychological working environment.


I work with children, teenagers and adults, individually about private and/or workrelated themes as well as couples and families.


In conversations my focus is on the individuals needs and special thematic. I work using the narrative method, that is based on the story and values of the individual. Some have a short course of sessions focusing on a single thematic, while others have a longer course of sessions including development and change within several areas over time.


I don't have any agreement with the Danish health insurance.



9+ år



DISPUK & Psykoterapeutisk Institut (Snekkersten and Copenhagen, Denmark)



2012 (Narrative Conversation Therapist)

2010 (Skandinavian Business Coach)

2009 (Gestaltherapeutic basis education)




  • Students and study thematics
  • Gifted childrem, teenagers and adults
  • Trauma/PTSD
  • Life style changes
  • Eating disorder and self harm
  • Uncertainty and low self esteem
  • Personal development
  • Stress
  • Identity and life crises
  • Couples- and family therapyi
  • Children and teenager therapy


Inge G. F. Larsen


Now - 2009:

  • Own Practice, Narrative Therapy, Coaching (individual, business, couples and families). Spirit and Mind ApS.

Now - 2008:

  • Working Environmental Advisor, Psysical and Psychological Working Environment and Safety. Siemens A/S and Ross DK A/S.

Now - 2008:

  • Auditor, amongst others within psychological working environment, Siemens A/S, Ross DK A/S and Danish Energy Agency.

Now - 2002:

  • Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Manager, Project Manager within Working Environment and Safety, as a Master of Science in Engineering in organisations. Siemens A/S, Danish Energy Agency, Ross DK A/S and Maersk Oil and Gas A/S.


  • Therapy and Witnessing Course of Sessions within the narrative psychological direction at psychlogist, Anna Fjeldsted.


  • Narrative Supervision Course of Sessions at authorised psychologist and supervisor specialised in psychotherapy, work- and organisational psychology, Michala Schmidt.
  • Lean Management, examinated LeanAgent. Kompetenceforum.


  • Narrative Conversation Therapist. Examinated. Cross disciplinary conversation therapist education, 3rd year, DISPUK.


  • Narrative Couples Therapy, Conversation therapy, couples storying, values, gender, sexuality and parenting, workshop on DISPUK.
  • Michael White "Afternoons", DISPUK (½ year education in therapy practice by Allan Holmgren, DISPUK).
  • Performed a Story Telling Workshop for Kalejdoskop, The Salvation Army, Nørrebro, Copenhagen, Denmark for Iranian women and their Danish mentor network.
  • Examinated: Cross Disciplinary Conversation Therapy Education, 2nd year, DISPUK.


  • Scandinavian Business Coach. Examinated. Skandinavian Coaching Education. Intensive education course of sessions with a narrative and poststructuralistic perspective, DISPUK.
  • Skandinavian Training Program for Therapists at DISPUK with Maggie Carey, Art Fischer & Allan Holmgren.
  • Examinated: Cross Disciplinary Conversation Therapy Education, 1st year, DISPUK.
  • Stress in the Modern Society - from Powerlessness to Counter Acting, workshop, DISPUK.
  • Narrative Conversations about Professional Identities - Alternatives to Burn Out, workshop, DISPUK.
  • Trauma Treatment in Narrative Therapy with Allan Holmgren, workshop, DISPUK.
  • Violency, abuse, men and shame, narrative therapy with Alan Jenkins, Australien, workshop, DISPUK.
  • Course about Positive Psychology and Flow Theory from the Paedagogical University of Denmark, part of Aarhus University.


  • Examinated: Education in Gestalt Therapy and Experience based Psychotherapy, Family Perspective - Alcohol and Addiction Thematics - Therapeutic Reflection, Psykoterapeutisk Institut, Copenhagen. (2nd year of a 2 year education).


  • Course in Psychological Working Environment, Danish Working Environmental Agency, Copenhagen.
  • Examinated: Education in Gestalt Therapy and Experience based Psychotherapy, Gestalt Therapy - Development and Forming of the Personality. Shame and Blame, Psykoterapeutisk Institut, Copenhagen. (1st year of a 2 year education).
  • Emphatic Communication, workshop Psykoterapeutisk Institut, Copenhagen.
  • Voice, Body and Senses, workshop Psykoterapeutisk Institut, Copenhagen.


  • Diet, Coaching and Stress Management, Copenhagen.
  • Creative Thinking and Brainstorming Technique, Copenhagen.


Voluntary Social Work:


  • The Art of Taking Care of Oneself - and Feel One's Personal/Professional Boundaries and Limitations, Center for Voluntary Social Work, Middelfart.


  • Volunteer at The Danish Association against Eating Disorder and Self Harm (LMS).
  • Volenteer Lecturer and Advisor at The Anxiety Association, Frederiksberg.

Spirit and Mind ApS


Narrativ terapi og coaching


Rabat til studerende, arbejdsløse, pensionister og efterlønsmodtagere

Der gives ikke rabat på par- og familieterapi





Telefontid: Hverdage kl. 19 - 21


Samtaler efter aftale på Frederiksberg hverdagsaftener og om søndagen eller over Skype på hverdage om aftenen


Konsultations adresse:

Bentzonsvej 6-8, Parterre, 2000 Frederiksberg


Post adresse:

Spirit and Mind ApS, C/O Inge G. F. Larsen,

Pile Alle, 29., 3. mf., 2000 Frederiksberg


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